Corporate Services

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Corporate Services

A company or organisation’s health is dependent on the wellbeing of the individuals it employs. Austerity measures over the last few years coupled with the pace of modern society have lead to more and more individuals facing increasing pressure to perform both in the workplace and in personal aspects of their lives.

This pressure can negatively impact relationships with friends and family, whilst under-achievement at work will have a negative impact on the employer. For the individual, trying to keep all parties happy can feel like a vicious circle that they simply don’t know how to manage.

As a result, individuals can be left feeling overwhelmed, tired and insecure – affecting health and general wellbeing. Many people recognise that they need assistance and have a strong desire to ask for support but simply don’t know where to go or who to confide in, while, some worry about the stigma of ‘mental ill health’.

Fortunately, times are changing and talking about feelings and discussing such issues with a professional is no longer taboo! Rather, it is recognised as an opportunity for problem solving and personal growth and can be attributed to improvements in general health and an improved state of mind.

It is therefore in the interest of a business or organisation to assist its employees gaining the support they need at a personal level thus benefitting them at a professional level – not just for the individual’s welfare, but also for improved performance within the business or organisation.

Benefits of Therapy within the Workplace

An integrated therapy programme, which supports employees’ mental health and emotional well being, will also have a positive impact on:

  • Increasing productivity and workplace morale
  • Reducing levels of sickness and absenteeism
  • Reducing stress (and associated illness) in the workplace
  • Improving staff retention
  • Increasing levels of job commitment and motivation
  • Preventing problems reaching crisis stage
  • Developing more effective communication and coping strategies in both professional and personal lives

Can I opt in and out of this Service?

Yes. There is a simple, fixed charge per session. There is no requirement to sign an annual contract – simply call or email me and I will arrange therapy for your employees.

Is Therapy Confidential?

Yes. Confidentiality is an important part of any therapeutic relationship. What the client tells the therapist is in confidence. The only exceptions to this are if the client is considered to present a danger to themself, or to other people. In these circumstances, the therapist is ethically driven to take action, and the most likely disclosure will be to a General Practitioner (GP) or other healthcare professional, to ensure safety is maintained.

Anything discussed within the therapy session will not be shared with you, the employer, unless agreed with the client.

Where will the Therapy Sessions take place?

Typically therapy sessions will take place at my residential office in Tring. However, please do contact me (via phone, email or contact form) if you would like to discuss arranging therapy sessions in the workplace.

How Siobhan can help

Prior to training and working as a Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapist Siobhan worked in the IT industry. She was responsible for the design and implementation of a portfolio of Global IT Solutions and the development, motivation and leadership of high performance teams – so understands all too well the stresses and strains associated with corporate life.

Siobhan is available to help your company with the following:

  • Working with staff to resolve any personal issues
  • Providing therapy for traumatic workplace incidents or accidents
  • Providing therapy to staff to address and resolve workplace stress and work-life balance
  • Working with staff to enhance communication, addressing conflict resolution and anger management

Please also see the Stress, Motivation & Work Related Difficulties page


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