Client Feedback

“I arrived with Siobhan emotionally broken having lost faith in myself and the world around me. I am leaving with a fresh perspective, full of optimism and with the right tools to stay happy and well in the future. Siobhan is a kind, warm and reassuring person who I knew could help me the first time we met. In spite of the circumstances I am glad we have had the chance to meet.

She has taught me that seeking help was a courageous thing to do and whilst therapy might feel daunting at first, if you can be brave enough to embrace it you will find a way through and a better way to live your life.

It has been a hard journey and at times painful but at no time did I feel like I couldn’t get through it with her support and encouragement. No matter how difficult, I always left our sessions feeling better than when I arrived. What was unexpected was the wicked sense of humour on offer and we laughed together as much if not more than I cried. Most importantly I have learnt how to understand myself, be happy and content being me and to have some fun along the way.

Although I have now finished my sessions, Siobhan has left a lasting impression with me as the in built ‘helpful voice of reason’ to consult when I need it. I also know she is there for me to turn if I need help in the future.

I will genuinely miss our time together.”

E, Hertfordshire (Anxiety)

“Wow oh wow, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, for what you have done for me. Since the assault, I had very little emotional support and absolutely no support with regards to what I may be entitled to. When I came to you (reluctantly) I was at rock bottom. I can’t thank you enough for both the practical assistance in terms of seeking financial assistance and your patience and gentle encouragement in helping me deal with the trauma and how it has impacted my day to day life. Once again a huge thank you for everything you have done for me Siobhan.”

K, Hertfordshire (Trauma)

“CBT was definitely not what I expected! It was 10 times better than I thought it would be. The way Siobhan approached the sessions always made me feel comfortable and more willing to share, which is something I was not able to do with others prior to starting our sessions. I feel that therapy gave me safe space where I felt listened to with no judgment, I also recognise some key changes in myself. I’ve definitely learnt through our sessions to be kinder to myself and acknowledge that some things are not in my control. Our sessions gave me the skills I needed to manage myself and my emotions within those “out of my control” settings. I am so grateful that Siobhan was my therapist because I never once felt uncomfortable around her. Thank you so much”

R, Bedfordshire (Trauma)

“I had been told by the TILS service and Walking with the Wounded that my treatment going forward into civilian life would be with Siobhan. I was happy that I had been referred and was finally going to get treatment (after years where the Military had fobbed me off with poor counselling and no-one really taking interest for the past 10 years).

At our first session I was very defensive and wouldn’t open up. I didn’t trust anyone and felt unable to talk about the ‘film’ that was playing in my head. As the sessions progressed I could see that Siobhan was really trying to help me and it was now down to me. I trusted her and found that I was able to open up and talk about the many situations our Troop was involved in.

Fast forward year and I have improved so much that I don’t recognise that person of old. I feel more confident with the tools that Siobhan has given me. I have started going out with friends, making plans and my life is so so much better than before.

Siobhan has structure to her sessions, is professional, will not beat around the bush when a point needs to be made, is compassionate to the situation, offers many options on how to do things if it doesn’t work first time, and has patience in abundance. A Top Lady. I cannot thank her enough for all the help she has given me. Life looks a lot brighter! “

P, Bedfordshire (PTSD)

“Siobhan has been seeing our daughter as she had been struggling with life in general. Despite our efforts as parents we were unsure of what was the cause of her worries. Siobhan immediately built up a good rapport and gained our daughters trust and confidence. This was particularly encouraging to us as parents as we had experienced our daughter not being fully open in the past, when seeing her GP etc. Over a period of number of sessions Siobhan uncovered that our daughter was being bullied at school. This was a great surprise as we had repeatedly asked our daughter if was the case. Siobhan unravelled the events that were occurring at school and gave her the reassurance that she needed to speak with us and school so the problem could be addressed. Siobhan then supported us as we engaged with school.

Siobhan continued to work with our daughter over a period of months, building on her confidence and general approach to dealing with issues and situations. We can only thank Siobhan for her support. Her open, friendly and engaging personality, allied to her professional experience, have helped our daughter and us as a family beyond measure.”

Hertfordshire (Parent of child with Anxiety)

“I wasn’t too sure what to expect at my first CBT session. I’d contemplated therapy a number of times over the years but always convinced myself that I should just get on with things and that therapy was for either severe cases or the movies….but in I went, with an open mind about the process – although very firm views about myself! I didn’t need to worry for long. I found Siobhan welcoming, friendly, understanding and professional. But perhaps most importantly, she was not judgemental.

I can honestly say that the sessions I have had over the past 6 months or so have been life-changing for me. I know I still have some way to go before my old habits and thoughts are banished for good but the improvement in my attitude, behaviour and feelings about myself and others have been significant in a relatively short period of time. Siobhan gave me the tools to understand how my past experiences have shaped my feelings about myself and how to turn them on their head to reveal a much happier, calmer and less stressed me. Most of all she has helped to give me back my self-esteem – even though I didn’t realise when I started the process that I had lost it along the way….

There were definitely times when the sessions were difficult. And there were a few tears. But I suspect this is an inevitable part of the journey and Siobhan always made me feel at ease during these moments. We even managed to have a few laughs along the way too! For me, CBT has been a success and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it, or Siobhan, to anyone.”

V, Hertfordshire (Anxiety & Low Self Esteem)

“Siobhan is lovely, She helped me greatly through a tough time in my life, a time of grief and loss. She was a good listener but also offered practical advice and strategies. I would highly recommend Siobhan to anyone going through a tough time.”

K, Hertfordshire (Grief & Anxiety)

“Thank you for all of your help in getting me through last year. I don’t think you’ll ever believe how grateful I am to you, or how much of a difference you’ve made in my life.
I am still, very much, a work in progress, but you gave me the toolkit I needed to self-manage, and I am giving it a good shot!”

D, Hertfordshire (Anxiety & Depression)

“The change in my beloved son since our last meeting is immeasurable. I have teachers coming up to me on a regular basis telling me how well he is doing and what a change they have noticed in his demeanour. I am quite sure that what you said in our last session has unlocked a lot inside him. It really has been a turning point, I am so so grateful. “

Bedfordshire (Parent of child with Anxiety)

“We found Siobhan at a time in my son’s life where everything was overwhelming both him and as a result myself. With her help he has discovered a strength and positivity in himself. She has given him the tools and outlook on life to deal with what comes along and embrace his new beginning at university. She has also taught me that I cannot stop life happening to him and it’s better to equip than protect! Siobhan is incredibly approachable and will put anyone at ease. I would recommend her to anybody and am very grateful we found her.”

Bedfordshire (Parent of child with Anxiety)

“My life has been completely transformed, thanks to Siobhan. She helped me realise the source of my anxiety and gave me the skills and tools to deal with that. The hardest part, getting over my anxiety was the first step (getting help). It’s difficult firstly to admit you need help and then to go through the scary process of finding it. However, Siobhan (for me) didn’t make the process feel so scary. After the first step it gets a lot easier and eventually so does dealing with the anxiety. Therapy couldn’t have come at a better time for me; I went into my first year at University a completely new man. I cannot recommend her enough. Thanks Siobhan.”

B, Bedfordshire (Anxiety)

“When I first started seeing Siobhan, I was in a dark place I couldn’t see a way out of and I didn’t really want to start treatment again having spent most of my life in therapy. However, Siobhan put me at ease straight away and several months later, I feel like a completely different person! I can now challenge any negative thoughts that creep in, my self-confidence has increased massively and for the first time in years, I’m really excited for the future!”

S, Buckinghamshire (Anxiety)

“We believe we have been incredibly fortunate to have been able to find a therapist like yourself when we had felt so very inadequate and out of our depths in terms of finding the right support for our daughter. We have felt included in the treatment but not in an intrusive manner that may have impacted on her relationship with you. The relationship between you and our daughter has been quickly established and I know she trusts and values the way you approach subjects with her – with respect and openness, as light-hearted as the subject matter would allow but have very effectively helped her craft her own way through some very difficult times which, without your guidance, we would all have struggled to find any way through. For this we thank you.”

Hertfordshire (Parent of child with Depression)

“Therapy is incredible. I always felt like my problems weren’t big enough for me to do anything about. But when I first got into Siobhan’s room, I felt more at ease. I can understand myself so much better, so much better. It makes it easier to cut myself more slack and be kinder to myself. It has also given me the ability to understand others better. I can’t recommend Siobhan enough, not only has she helped me actually live and enjoy living, but she is incredibly lovely and just very empathetic. I’ve tried three or four different counsellors/therapists and I always felt very isolated and uncomfortable, as I often need people to prompt me to talk and the others seemed to wait for me. Siobhan didn’t, she’d ask and reassure. Honestly, the work she does is incredible, whether you’re incredibly suffering or just want to understand yourself, go and see her!”

I, Hertfordshire (Anxiety and Depression)

“From a parents perspective we are delighted with the service that you provided to our child. Your insight helped him understand the root cause of his depression and self-harming and share with us how he was feeling. You provided us with professional advice on steps we could also take. With you, he had a place he could discuss how he was feeling and thinking and with your encouragement has taken action and changed his thinking and behaviour so he is a lot happier.”

L, Hertfordshire (Parent of child with Depression)

“Siobhan is an incredibly warm and intuitive lady who changed my son’s outlook on a challenging situation and gave him back his smile! We will be forever grateful for her help and support. Thank you so very much!”

J, Bedfordshire (Parent of child with Anxiety)

“I can’t recommend Siobhan enough. When I first came to see her she skilfully understood that my anger issues were a cover for underlying self-esteem issues. She carefully worked through the deepest root causes and then helped me to build coping mechanisms, thus helping me to understand where I’d come from, where I was and showing me the future in my hands. She guided me through some very difficult times in my life with skill and in a completely non-judgemental way which has allowed me to move forward with my life.”

D, Bedfordshire (Anger & Low Self Esteem)

“I read somewhere recently that life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to what happens. It is the kind of statement that I would have read and thought, I must remember that next time I am having a hard time. Before seeing Siobhan I would have forgotten that statement perhaps with it only coming back into my mind from time to time. Now she has helped me form a framework and process for dealing with my troubles I have somewhere for positive statements to stay and be remembered. Siobhan has helped me put genuine context on my life, smoothing out those terrible times and giving me charge of my own head. Our sessions and the process overall were sometimes gruelling but really worth it.

On Siobhan I have found her friendly, funny and practical. She is easy to talk to about the things you don’t really want to talk about and unafraid to be honest. Thank you!”

M, Hertfordshire (Anxiety)

“Siobhan is an excellent therapist. She is sympathetic and insightful, yet at the same time is able to challenge in a very constructive way. I found working with her has helped me immensely in addressing the issues I faced. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

A, Hertfordshire (Anxiety)

“I went through a horrendous time 6 years ago now but had hoped I had seen the last of it.

Last year I suddenly felt how I did previously and this was not good. I never thought I would be able to escape my anxiety or have confidence again! Siobhan taught me how to think logically and gradually my confidence returned. I am so much happier. I am so grateful to her that I have got my life back and can look forward to the future. She did dig deep and found the problem after 3 sessions which is amazing. Thank you very much!”

H, Hertfordshire (Anxiety)

“Right from the beginning Siobhan made me feel very comfortable and safe. I soon became able to access various emotions which helped me through the therapy. Together we discovered the origins of various anxieties and their triggers. I now have strategies in place to deal with problems as they arise. There have been tears but also a lot of laughter along the way. I am in a much better state of mind and this has been noticed by others too. Thanks Siobhan!”

P, Hertfordshire (Anxiety)

“After being referred to my GP by my Health visitor for PND, my GP recommended I go for a few CBT sessions. I was in such a dark, lonely, helpless place that CBT sounded ludicrous and to say I was sceptical was an understatement. I remember driving to my first session thinking I am wasting my time, that it would be easier to drive the car in front of the next HGV that came along. But, I didn’t.

There was/is a ‘something’ to Siobhan that cannot be explained until you meet her. She was kind, tender, patient, understanding in a time when I thought NO-ONE understood, and thought no-one would care. I needed help and Siobhan was willing to help; and she did.

Going through therapy, exposing your vulnerabilities, deepest darkest secrets to someone wasn’t easy. I spent a year with Siobhan, fortnightly appointments – a lot of mental and emotional Pandora box opening, emptying, sorting and repacking. I have eventually let go of all the things I cannot change, I try practising to control my controllables and am building up my self-confidence. Making that first appointment saved my life.

Siobhan saved my life. Even though she will argue and say she didn’t and that I did all the hard work, she held my hand, she helped, she pushed when I thought I couldn’t go any further.

Although Siobhan feels I no longer need her I still see her every 8-12 weeks for a maintenance session, and it is nice to know I have someone to confide in, that knows the raw, bare me and I have no need to hide.

Thanks to Siobhan I am able to handle life. I now simply adore my child, where previously I had no emotional attachment to her. I am able to be a wife/partner/friend to my husband. I functional within society, within social situations; daily.

Thank you Siobhan for everything. Thank you for saving me from myself and the only option that I thought was left for me. My life isn’t the pinnacle of perfection currently and may never be, but I am happy!”

 J, Bedfordshire (Depression)

“I came to you somewhat hesitantly, not knowing what to expect from CBT or whether much difference would really result … my problems didn’t really seem that acute. What you helped me learn was how much my view of myself had been skewed over many years of reinforcing only certain things about me, not the whole picture. You coached me to seek out actively the evidence I needed, sometimes in areas that were difficult for me to approach, and to listen to what that was telling me. I couldn’t have achieved that without you guiding me along. Gradually I’ve come to believe in myself much more. I’ve got a very different perspective now, with so much more awareness of how I’m feeling and what affects that. It’s helped me shed some old behaviour that was really holding me back. It feels like I’m able to make and take opportunities now that I would have let go in the past, and that makes the future a whole lot brighter. Thank you for bringing the right balance of challenge and patience while I worked through it”

A, Buckinghamshire (Low Self-Esteem)

“When I first met Siobhan I was in a particularly anxious and very nervous place. I felt I was going to be judged by my thoughts and feelings. I was feeling pretty low and felt like this really isn’t going to help and how could a stranger possibly understand me, let alone help me! Siobhan was very warm and welcoming and I felt at ease almost straight away. I began to slowly open up and I didn’t feel as I was being monitored. My feelings and outlook on life started rolling off my tongue like I was talking to a best friend. After our first few sessions I was beginning to see a slight glimmer of hope. I understood almost straight away what I was going through and why. I was able to recognise any symptoms, the build-up and eventually learn how to cope with them.

Siobhan offers a comfortable, relaxing environment for therapy and even had my cup of tea ready for me (which was always really nice).

I am now feeling a little more positive than before. I had gone through a major trauma so can’t say I am fully recovered but Siobhan has taught not blame myself and that I am worth it. These coping skills help me if needs be and on a really bad day helps me get through it. With Siobhan’s honest, kind and professional help I feel like I am slowly but finally on the road to finding the old me. I am proud of myself and what I have achieved so far but I couldn’t of done it without the help of Siobhan.

Thank you for helping me understand the main underlying issues, advising me and encouraging me to fight my negative feelings.

Although my sessions have finished I know Siobhan is at the end of a call if I need her. She is amazing, I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you once again.” 

N, Buckinghamshire (Trauma and Anxiety)

“After a major change in my life I went to see Siobhan for some help, being rather skeptical about the whole thing I didn’t expect much but thought it was worth a go as I definitely needed something. Now at the end of my sessions I have learnt a lot about myself, why I am like I am and why I behave like I do. By having this understanding and the skills Siobhan has taught me I now have the ability to stay well away from that big black hole.

Siobhan is a very easy person to talk and open up to. She puts you at ease the moment you walk through the door into her relaxing ‘office’. It didn’t feel like a therapy session (not that I knew what one should feel like) but rather a good natter with a friend and an opportunity to offload and make sense of all this ‘stuff’ in my head. She would ask the right questions to get that bit of information from me I didn’t want to share with anyone, and made me feel comfortable about doing it.

Siobhan did quiz me and sometimes I wondered why on earth are we talking about that, but by the end of the session it all made sense and the pieces of the jigsaw were coming together. She would challenge me when I said something was not possible, until I worked out for myself that it was possible and that it is just me and my thoughts making it impossible. She definitely knows what she’s doing and how to get the best out of you, and most of all did not judge or lecture me on how I should be doing things.

There was science to it too, it wasn’t just all mushy feelings stuff. There was science to back up WHY, which helped me a lot as I’m not a mushy kind of person 🙂

I left the sessions feeling like I had a new friend and sad that I wouldn’t be seeing her again.

Most of all Siobhan has taught me that nothing is life is impossible, it may be hard and scary but there is always a way.”

K, Hertfordshire (Anxiety)

“When I started on my CBT journey with Siobhan, I was under quite a cloud. From the get go, I felt like Siobhan just ‘got me’. She very quickly made me feel at ease, explained how she worked but also made me feel like it was all about me and my progress and that she would work to my needs.

I was amazed at how much better I felt from as soon as the first session. Being able to offload onto someone who was completely non-judgmental but also not afraid to challenge me and my thoughts, in turn allowing me to then reflect on the challenge and use it on myself. This challenge is what got me through my sessions and helped to clear the cloud. Knowing that some of the things I was thinking and feeling were ok, but that there was quite simply no point wasting my time and energy worrying about others. Therefore, challenging these thoughts was, and continues to be, key to my recovery.

I can’t thank Siobhan enough for her support and am genuinely grateful that she has been able to help me move forward.” L, Hertfordshire (Work Related Anxiety)

“I shudder to think back to the days before Siobhan; gripped by anxiety and depression my mental (ill-)health had such an impact on my life that I felt I was losing my mind. I was adrift in a very dark and frightening place. And then I started seeing Siobhan. Over time, with her expertise, compassion, tenacity and humour, I have made such significant progress. Using both CBT and EMDR Siobhan skilfully steered me to a place where I feel safe and in control. I will always be incredibly grateful for what she has done for me; she threw me a lifeline at the very moment that I needed it most. Thank you so much.”

K, Hertfordshire (Depression & Anxiety)

“I highly recommend Siobhan for any CBT therapy requirements. The therapy area itself is very relaxed and private, and I felt straightaway that I could explain my worries and problems in confidence.
Siobhan is extremely patient and understanding, but also assertive which was I think very important for me to make progress. In my case it was a matter of breaking everything down to start thinking clearly again which was carried out swiftly and with exceptional professionalism. I found the CBT process itself very efficient, even though I only had a few sessions. It certainly helps to be able to talk to someone experienced and unbiased and is certainly worth trying for any issues you may have.
Thanks again Siobhan, so grateful you were there for me. ”  

P, Hertfordshire (Anxiety)

“I found the therapy much more helpful than I had previously thought. I have become a much more confident person in the way I hold myself, and how I approach life and I now have the knowledge of methods I can use if I have a ‘bad turn’.
Thank you very much for helping me through my problems, I’m going to miss you lots.”

A, Buckinghamshire (Self Harm)

“When I first met Siobhan I was in a particularly negative, grey place. Experiencing depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I was feeling pretty low and hopeless.
After our first few sessions I was beginning to see a glimmer of hope. I started to really understand what I was going through, to recognise any symptoms and eventually how to cope with them.

Siobhan offers a comfortable, relaxing environment for therapy. Which is of paramount importance when dealing with a difficult situation.
I am now feeling much more positive and strong. With learned coping skills to help me if needs be. With Siobhan’s honest, kind and professional help I feel like a new person. I am proud of myself and what I have achieved.

Thank you for helping me put the colour back in my life. ”  

L, Hertfordshire (Depression & Anxiety)

“I never thought I would need a therapist, but when I started having panic attacks I was extremely lucky to find Siobhan. She was highly professional and insightful, coupled with a genuine warmth and compassion which made working with her a pleasure. From the first session, she reassured me that I would be able to overcome my anxiety issues, and with her help I did. She taught me skills I use every day to ease my anxiety, and her impact on my happiness and well-being has been enormous. I needed someone who could offer practical solutions, and she gave them to me in spades. I cannot recommend her highly enough – if anyone can help you get your life back on track, it’s her!”

J, Hertfordshire (Panic & Anxiety)

“Siobhan was recommended to me by a friend to help me get through a period of crippling anxiety and I’m so glad I took up the recommendation. I was sceptical at first as to whether CBT would help me as I’ve struggled with anxiety and low self-esteem for most of my adult life and couldn’t see a way through it but Siobhan proved me wrong and helped me no end.

I was able to talk things through with Siobhan without feeling that my fears and concerns were silly or trivial and she helped me find another way of approaching situations and looking at life both past and present. There were times when I doubted myself and wasn’t sure I was making progress but Siobhan reminded me how far I’d come and gave me practical advice and techniques to help me deal with any relapses in the future.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Siobhan as a professional and approachable therapist to anyone who is considering it. I can’t thank Siobhan enough for helping me get through a difficult time, it really has made all the difference to my life and I only wish I had done it sooner. I now feel more positive and prepared to deal with my anxiety and self-esteem issues knowing that I can do it and I have the tools I need to be a happier and more content person.”  

H, Essex (Anxiety)

“Thank you so much for everything. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done. I’m so grateful that you came in to my life and helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

V, Hertfordshire (Anxiety)

“Feeling in a safe environment to be able to talk about my problems for the first time was invaluable. I felt an instant trust in you as a therapist and this gave me the confidence to open up and to actively put into practice what we discussed during our sessions. I’d like to thank you for all your help in getting me from a very low point in my life to the happiest I have been in a long time. You have really helped me to refocus on how I see myself and how to reassess what is important.”  

K, Hertfordshire (Anxiety)

“It was a pleasure working with you. You identified some links/themes that have had a major impact on my thinking and behaviour. The work has given me insight and the skills to address some long-term issues which I have ignored or denied in the past. You created a dialogue which gently challenged the assumptions which have limited my progress in various areas of my life. The work was insightful and it was a pleasure because you bring a really pleasant persona to the therapy room; one that is human, emphatic and also fun.”

M, Hertfordshire (Anxiety)

“I very much enjoyed your company, what I found most helpful is the way you put things into perspective. For example, if I felt unsure about why something was a certain way, you would clear it up in plain English and not complicated jargon. I think your style of practice worked well with my need to vent about things and we found a conclusion based on this. Thank you for your help and patience.”  E, Bedfordshire (Anxiety)

“Siobhan provided a safe and contained therapeutic environment, She offered me very good tools/strategies to help me deal with current situations, which helped me to develop. Siobhan’s therapeutic skills and experience enabled me to feel comfortable in being open and honest with my problems, which allowed me to delve deeper into the issues. Based on my positive experience, why not contact Siobhan for an appointment and see the benifitsfor yourself!”

M, Buckinghamshire (Driving Anxiety)

“We have achieved our aim, and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you for everything. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your service.”  

Parent, Buckinghamshire (Anxiety)

“I would like to say a huge thank you for all the help that you have given me! I really feel like a different person to the one that first started our sessions. I think what I found most useful was being able to understand my thought patterns and my triggers and therefore being able to spot them and control them before I blow them out of proportion. I have been able to come off of my anxiety medication and am able to allow enjoyment to come back into my life which is a massive step forward after years of building anxiety.”

L, Bedfordshire (Anxiety)

“I found lots of elements helped me. On a basic level, the environment feels private and homely. Tea every time helps too! You helped me realise that my feelings and responses to a hideous situation were normal. You focused on what I could do to make things better, to recognise what I couldn’t change and to explore all options open to me. The fact that you were amenable to things like my husband coming to a session helped too. I would recommend you in a heartbeat to anyone who needed help to sort through issues in their lives. Thank you so much you have pulled me through some really dark times.”  

R, Buckinghamshire (Relationship Difficulties & Anxiety)

“Prior to meeting Siobhan I felt like a hopeless mess, incapable of getting my life back on track. Never having experienced therapy I was very unsure of what to expect or how it would work for me, but I immediately felt at ease with Siobhan. Supportive, pragmatic, understanding, intelligent and with a great sense of humour, she challenged my thinking, coached me through some very difficult times and gave me practical, straightforward direction. Siobhan was there to support me every time I needed her, helping me regain my fighting spirit which had long since left the building!

I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and was genuinely sad when they came to an end. I have already recommended Siobhan to others, including my GP for patient referrals, as in their own words: “good therapists are worth their weight in gold”.

I can’t thank Siobhan enough for everything she taught me – because of her I came out the other side a stronger, more confident person able to deal with whatever may come my way.”  

N, Hertfordshire (Workplace Stress & Anxiety)

“Helping me look at the issues from a different perspective was really helpful. I’m now very excited about my future. Thank you!”  

A, Buckinghamshire (Relationship Difficulties)

“Thank you for all your amazing help over the past months. You have changed my life so much for the better. Without your amazing therapy I don’t know where I would be. I am so much stronger now and can deal with what life throws at me. Thinking back to how anxious and scared I was seems like a distant memory. You have helped me change my life and become the person I wanted to be. I shall take the skills you have taught me through my life and treasure them. I think everyone should come and see you!!!! I’m so proud of myself and proud of CBT!”  

H, Buckinghamshire (Low Self Esteem)

“If it is possible to enjoy being in therapy then I have enjoyed our regular meetings! You have helped me to overcome and to dismiss unwanted feelings and thoughts with the toolkit you have provided. You have helped me to get my sense of humour back, a little bit of fighting spirit and strength of thought to put things in perspective and give me the chance to enjoy my life again. If required I will have no hesitation in calling on you to support my mental welfare again. Thanks again for what you have taught me about myself, my thoughts and work life balance, you have helped me more than you realise.”  

M, Hertfordshire (Depression)

“The therapy was incredibly helpful. It’s really helped me sort things out in my head, especially when things get too hard to handle. I’ve actually convinced some people I know who have problems give some kind of therapy a try!” 

T, Hertfordshire (Depression)

“Thank you all your help. This experience has been life changing! I believe I now have the tools to confront life, both good and bad. I would strongly recommend your help if I came across someone else struggling with depression.”  

N, Hertfordshire (Depression)

“I appreciate the care and attention that went into preparing for the sessions, and the fact that Siobhan obviously thought about things between sessions. Siobhan helped create a good rapport between us and held on to her opinions when I had my doubts about the process and direction. It has been a valuable, challenging experience for me. I have changed. I’m not completely out of the woods yet but, with Siobhan’s help, have found my way out of its dark centre.”

C, Hertfordshire (Low Self Esteem)

“Initially I was very sceptical about how effective the overall therapy process would be. I had a good working relationship with Siobhan and every session I had I felt I was making some actual progress! Supported by Siobhan, the therapy provided me with a framework and starting point for self-improvements that I could make both practically and cognitively. Thank you.”  

E, Hertfordshire (Anxiety)

“Siobhan delivered my therapy with enormous kindness and compassion. She instinctively knew that was what I needed. Siobhan has helped me to change my life. She then gave me a toolkit to keep everything fixed as I go through life. A million thank you’s, Siobhan, I can see the sunshine again.” 

M. Buckinghamshire (Low Self Esteem)

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for the work you have done with me, the toolkit you have given me, your skills, your knowledge, your kindness, your compassion , your insight… oh gosh I could go on forever! I value you so highly Siobhan – you helped me to change my life! Thank you again.”  

A. Buckinghamshire (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

“I have had psychotherapy in the past, which had helped my depression. However, it did not go far enough – yes it enabled me to ‘pour out’ my angst to a sympathetic ear but it failed to ‘take me’ with it. CBT has enabled me to see clearly what I already knew but did not understand. I should have done this years ago – thank you!” 

J, Hertfordshire (Depression)

“Siobhan was absolutely fantastic. She was grounded, sensitive, clever, compassionate & patient. She kept me on track so many times when I nearly gave up. Thank you from the bottom of my now much more peaceful heart.” 

S, Buckinghamshire (Low Self Esteem)

“I got so much out of my therapy and feel I know more about how I ‘function’ than I ever have – thanks ever so much!” 

J, Hertfordshire (Depression)

“Siobhan put me at ease straight away! I felt free to be able to confide in her. Siobhan led the pace, which was appropriate for my needs. Every session, she explained what the format was going to be & at the end of the sessions I always knew what was expected of me. This course of therapy was objective and goals were measured which was great. It provided me with a lot of insight & techniques to overcome my difficulties. Although one has to put a lot of work in the results are really great! Thank you!”

P, Hertfordshire (Anger & Low Self Esteem)

All my life I have suffered from crippling low self-esteem coupled with depression. Before I saw Siobhan, I had been in therapy with psychiatrists on and off for 23 years; on and off medication and thought I had ‘sorted it’.  I cannot talk higher of Siobhan (and I feel I am in a strong position within the ‘client seat’ to back up my opinion – having seen a 360 degree of orthodox and complementary therapists). Siobhan is a rare mixture of professionalism and compassion – a rare mix.  She really knows her job – she has structure, boundaries and clarity and from that foundation – compassion, patience and an ability to create a safe environment to ‘open up’. Within the CBT structure she showed me how to understand the ‘WHY’, in a way I could understand my life’s repeating patterns. So when we finished our sessions, I had structures and tools in place. The proof is in the pudding – they work and I now use them in my daily life! In my experience of past therapy, the clarity can come in the session and then in the ‘real world’ it falls apart – like being on a diet first thing in the morning and by lunchtime it is out the window. But – like a good parent/teacher – Siobhan has shown me how to use these tools in everyday life – life still throws its challenges, same as before, but now I feel equipped and actually confident I can and I do deal with them. My life has truly changed – I have arrived at a place where I am not living in fear of ‘what might happen’ & I’m not scared anymore! My future looks bright – very bright.” 

S, Buckinghamshire (Depression & Low Self Esteem)

“Siobhan’s therapy was a fantastic help to me. She somehow managed to get to the root cause of my depression (something I feel the doctors overlooked). We were then able to tackle it together by looking at; why I thought so negatively about myself in everyday situations and also what events would trigger negative thinking, which would lead to me being seriously depressed. With the preventative measures Siobhan taught me I am now extremely optimistic I won’t go back to the bad place I was in when I first met her. Siobhan helped me accept who I was, not to worry too much about what other people thought and most importantly to put things in perspective. By teaching me these thought processes it really helped me overcome my depression. I can now accept the past, enjoy the present and look forward to the future. I cannot thank her enough! I also have the knowledge that if there was ‘blip’ she is just a phone call or email away. Thanks Siobhan.”  

B, Hertfordshire, (Depression)

Not only was my therapy helpful but it was done with immense skill. I will never be able to thank Mrs Graham enough; she has made such a transition in almost all areas of my life. Everything I said, she would counter with logic and good sense. After my weekly session I seemed to ‘take it all in’ over the following days and it worked! I was in a very bad place until I met this lady. Now I have such a different outlook, I feel so different in a really good way – I’m really optimistic about my future. Thank you so much!” 

P, Buckinghamshire (Depression)

“…it [the therapy] helped me to understand my underlying problem of low self esteem & guided me to value the resilient aspect of my character. I was lifted out of my sadness and became more hopeful of avoiding sessions of binge eating … My sincere thanks for the help you have given me.” 

A, Buckinghamshire (Self Esteem & Binge Eating)

“Thank you so much for all your help, it was so nice to have somebody to actually listen to me and understand how I was feeling.” 

A, Bedfordshire (Anxiety)

“I’ve found the experience to be liberating; allowing me the first glimpses of a life lived with less anxiety and less pain. Thank you Siobhan!” 

I, Hertfordshire (Depression)

I didn’t think I would ever work again but… I start my new job on Monday! I feel like I’ve got my life back again. Thank you I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.”

J, Hertfordshire (Depression)

I had gone almost a year without treatment when Siobhan was instructed to treat me – I could see no way of solving my problems until she explained with care and detail that my problems could be solved. She understood, appreciated and worked with me to help solve my problems.” 

H, Milton Keynes. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

“Thank you, I never thought therapy would be a positive experience but I have been pleasantly surprised. I appreciated that you actually listened & understood what I said.  I found the notes and handouts you prepared really helpful”

P, Hertfordshire (Health Anxiety)

“Therapy helped me put my life back together. Before treatment I was withdrawn and did not think my life could go back to being normal – thank you!” 

R, North London. (Depression)

“It’s been hard but I feel like a new woman! The therapy programme suited me perfectly which I think is demonstrated by the results – thank you.”

J, Hertfordshire (OCD)

The handouts and models that Siobhan put together simplified what we were trying to achieve & gave me a reference point at home – I got so much out of my time and feel I know more about how I tick than I ever have – thanks so much.”

K, Hertfordshire(Low Self Esteem)

Thank you so much for all your help, I’m feeling so much more confident and happier in myself.” 

L, Hertfordshire. (Anxiety)

When I first started therapy I didn’t think I could ever overcome my problems. When things become difficult I remember our discussions and it helps me to rationalise the way I’m thinking and feeling which gives me the strength to carry on. I now believe in myself and have my life back again.” 

K, Hertfordshire. (Depression)

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Before therapy I really thought my life was over but now I have the skills you taught me I feel that I have become my own therapist.” 

D, Hertfordshire. (Anxiety)

“Thank you! Talking about the pros and cons of elements of my behaviour, picking them apart so that I could see the negative and unhelpful things that I was doing and how it was making my anxiety worse was really helpful.” 

K, Hertfordshire. (Flying Phobia)

“Thank you – just for being you!” 

D, Milton Keynes (Sexual Dysfunction)

 “I really miss our sessions but it feels so good that I have taken hold of my life again. Life is really really good.  Thank you again for all that you have done, words just don’t seem enough.” 

C, Buckinghamshire (Depression)

“I can’t believe how much this course of therapy has changed my life! Thank you!”

K, Buckinghamshire (PTSD)

“The sessions more than fulfilled any hopes that I had had. You are a wonderfully inspirational and enthusiastic therapist, and I feel very grateful of my time learning with you.” 

A, Hertfordshire (OCD)

“Thank you so much for all that you have done for me. I feel a much stronger person now and I couldn’t have got this far without your help.” 

M, Hertfordshire (Low Self Esteem)